Hatred evolves from memories of my youth
Conviction for all my enemies hold one truth
Expression my only escape my only way out
Depression this can't be my fate still have my doubts
Inside my mind
Buried Alive

Look deep into these eyes
Count your blessings before you die
If blood runs through these veins
I exist to inflict pain
Beaten within an inch of your life
As you beg, bleed, breathe one last time
Now your mine
Tendons severed on site
Throats tied tight
As your murdered after midnight
Out of spite
Dying from manipulation
Dying from the strangulation
Dying from a knifes penetration
Dying for the glamourization
Watching Your every move
Existence fading As shocks induced
Carving Dissected desecrated
Existence fading knifes penetrating
Look me in my eyes
You wont get out alive

Suffocate Forcibly restrained
Method of Unmarked murdering
Suffocate Forcibly restrained
Made with sharpened blades
Open up your coffin
And took a look inside
Looting obliterating
Memories from ancient times
Post mortem peace is shattered
As the corpse is disturbed
Body snatcher?
resurrectionist the term preferred
Dissecting human bodies
When their condemned to death
Financial compensation
There are no bodies left
Dearly departed dug up
And placed out on display
The fresher the better
The more money they pay
Cutting Carving Sewing Ripping
Chopping Piercing Slashing Stabbing
Disrupt what lies beneath
soul is rotting, just like your body
Display no self control
Six feet deep inside your hole

Open your eyes in this world filled with lies
Slave to a system you don't even realize
Your talk is cheap words mean nothing
So opinionated but hating open discussion
Wait what dont stop wait a minute
You ran your fucking mouth
Now you wait till i'm finished
You look me in my eyes tell me what you see
Nothing but pain inside my mind of misery
I have nothing inside everything that I love died
All of the tears I've cried and thoughts of suicide
Yet i'm still on my feet bad taste in my mouth
Lived a life of deceit
Never catching me down always land on my feet
Nothing is more motivating than the fear of defeat

Cut out your eyes so you cant see
Handcuffed left comatose
Bound and bludgeoned body’s beaten
So much blood you choke
Turn your back coward
Just walk away
To my face you've got
Nothing to say
Grab your throat
Slice your neck
Blood will spray
Devour all that is
In my way
Mangled, Strangled, Stabbed or Shot
So many ways to die
Put the knife up to your throat
As you beg for your life
Kick in your skull
Shoe prints embedded
At the time of death
Stabbing your face
So many times
There's no trace of it left
Post Mortem Mutilation
Throat cut decapitation
Obsessive strangulation
Murder infatuation
Knife plunging penetration
Post Mortem mutilation

The things I had to fucking see
Will be with me for eternity
And I will never ever forget
The way you made me feel
Dead to me you'll always be
And nothing you can say
Will ever make it change
Baptized in Pain
Baptized in Vein
Dismembering your remains with an electric saw
Removing all your blood it glows with luminol
Piece by piece your carried buried deep at sea
They all had to die for my prosperity
This is the work of god fulfill his prophecy
This is the work of god now pay your debt to me
Praying on the weak exploiting their fears
They heard like sheep as they kneel before me
Praying on the weak earning their trust
So quickly deceived as they kneel before me

Burned bodies beaten bruised and broken bound and bleeding leaking
Freshly wounded skin remaining left incinerating
Death by burning stomachs turing with the stench of death
Infatuation with cremation suffocative breath
Watch you burn for hours, flames leave flesh devoured
Vulgar displays of power, no longer scream and cower
Death by burning stomachs turning with the stench of death
Infatuation with cremation till there's nothing left
Disposal of flesh a heart turned cold
Turned cold
A vicious sadist out of control

Everyone wants to go to heaven
But no one wants to die
Obsessed with your ego obsessed with their lies
Obsessed with their perception
How your viewed through their eyes
You walk through life dumb deaf and blind
Afraid to be different you have no spine
Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is suffering
It is what it is, war is peace
Twisted perception

Starved and hanging
Blood is gushing
Knife is running
Down your spine
Cutting carving
Flesh is ripping
Swollen beauty
Large incisions
Cover your body
Cold and bleeding
Begging sobbing
Praying puking
Losing all your fluids
Drained and hacked to pieces
Drawn and quartered ripping flesh
Drained and hacked to pieces
Decomposed there's nothing left
Bones found
In a shallow Grave
Teeth removed
Body decayed
Bits of flesh
Chunks of hair
Maggots crawling
Wreaks of Death
Decaying and rotting flesh
Shovels pierce the ground
But the killers never found

Tear you apart limb from limb make you feel my pain
This voice inside my head Screams till powers obtained
Incantation and human sacrifice
Invocation of a devil's paradise
Stalked and Slain
Pummeling you into
Brutal submission
Cut you up so precise
Surgical technician
Bruised and beaten down
Ripping you in two
Inside your head your screaming
nothing you can do
Bruised and beaten down
Ripping you in two
Inside your head your screaming
But no one hears you
Nothing you can do
Stalked and Slain

Death rules everything around me D.R.E.A.M.s
Everything in this life is not as it seems
Around Me
Falling away, falling further everyday
And I can't escape, Endless Suffering
Possession waits, death is my only fate
And I can't escape, Endless Suffering

another night I'm dreaming
with my hands at your throat
and as you wake up screaming
grip tightens as you choke
and as your struggles weaken
exercise every demon
your final breath is leaving
dead and severely beaten
addicted to fear
all thoughts so unclear
they've clouded your mind
violent by design
I lie awake I'm dreaming
malnourished force fed quotes
mind numbing hatred screaming
grip tightens as you choke
and as your struggles weaken
exercise every demon
found hanging with good reason
depressed severely beaten
driven to slaughter
in an age of horror
raised on fear
and worshipping martyrs

Another sleepless night and I'm plagued with regret
Try as I may, but I'll never forget
That last look in your eyes when I robbed you of life
Penetrating your thick skin tissues tare with a knife
Open wounds causing shock sure to cause infection
Cut you up, once or twice, all across your midsection
A sadistic murder, a sadistic dissection, a sadistic way of life
A sadistic reflection
That last look in your eyes
When I robbed you of life
Another sleepless night and I'm plagued with regret
Try as I may, but I'll never forget

Found butchered
Cut in half
Tortured mutilated
by a fucking psychopath
Left face down
Meant to be found
Cut from ear to ear
So you'll never make a sound
Collecting severed heads
Obsessed with bloodshed
Claw hammer to your skull
Until your fucking dead
Can't take another minute
Smother you till your finished
All feelings lost diminished
God as my fucking witness
Hang you upside down
Drain you of your blood
Hack off all your limbs
Leave you in the mud
I can't hardly speak
Got the urge to kill
I can never rest
Till I've had my fill
Confined to the sands of time
If I took your life could I keep mine?
Living never knowing confined to the sands of time
Face Down